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Lillian Feldpausch, Chairman
Martha Moses, Vice Chair
Lesa Way, Treasurer
Vacant Seat, Secretary
Gail Roderick, Commissioner

Tribal Affiliation

Baranof Island Housing Authority is the Tribally Designated Housing Entity for Sitka Tribe of Alaska (STA). STA created BIHA in 1980 by State Statute to address housing needs of Tribal citizens and other residents of Baranof Island, Alaska.

Sitka Tribe of Alaska

Sitka Tribe of Alaska

Current BIHA Indian Housing Plan

BIHA Strategic Plan (2020 to 2025)


Department of Housing and Urban Development

Baranof Island Housing Authority receives its primary funding through the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Indian Housing Block Grant program. This program enables BIHA to provide housing services to eligible STA Tribal Citizens and other Alaska Natives and American Indians living in Sitka.

Additionally, BIHA receives development funds from State of Alaska legislative appropriations and other federal, state and local agencies. These sources help fund BIHA’s programs that are not subject to NAHASDA rules and regulations, such as our Senior Housing. 

Phase II
Phase I