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The Closing Cost Assistance program has been developed to assist qualified, low income families to obtain affordable housing by offering funds to assist with payment of the amount necessary to pay the costs associated with closing a conventional or leveraged mortgage loan.  At the end of the fifth year of occupancy by the borrower, the amount loaned converts to a grant which is forgiven.        

BIHA has a limited funding available for closing cost assistance for resident (Sitka area) Alaskan /American Indian families earning less than 100% of the area Median Family Income, (MFI).

For more information about the Closing Cost Program and eligibility, click the link below for the program policy.

Closing Cost Program Policy

Closing Cost Application


BIHA has a limited funding available for the repair of homes owned by enrolled citizens of the Sitka Tribe of Alaska (STA), Alaska Natives, and American Indians.

Through utilization of NAHASDA funds, and leveraging funds from other sources whenever possible, BIHA hopes to improve the quality of life and the condition of housing occupied by eligible applicants living in Sitka.

For more information about Tribal Rehabilitation Home Repair and eligibility, click the link below for the TRHRP Program Policy.

TRHRP Program Policy

TRHRP Application


As with all BIHA programs, the Baranof Island Housing Authority Student Housing Voucher Program, is subject to the same income eligibility requirements as BIHA’s General Admissions and Occupancy Policy for the sole purpose of determining eligibility for students. This does not include credit history.

Funds for this program are limited and will be awarded based on the date of completed application and preferences.

This program has been developed to increase opportunities and encourage tribal members to seek higher education and professional training.  BIHA shall provide up to $1,000.00 per school year to income qualifying full-time students, and $500.00 per academic year to part-time students. The purpose is to assist students by reducing housing costs associated with obtaining higher education or professional training.  A new application must be submitted each year.

Applications will be accepted for the applicable academic year until funding for the program year is exhausted.

For more information about the Student Housing Voucher Program and eligibility, click the link below for the Program Policy.

Student Housing Voucher
Program Policy

Student Housing Voucher
Program Brochure

Student Housing Voucher
pROGRAM Application

Financial Literacy

One-on-one counseling is now available! BIHA tenants can get help with developing a monthly budget that gets them on track with regular payments, recovers or builds credit, and creates an emergency fund of savings.
How does it work?
Our financial education counselor assists BIHA tenants to set goals and explore their debt, savings, and employment opportunities. Weekly meetings are available to work on reaching these goals, and build confidence in new financial management skills.
Get started!
BIHA tenants can call (907) 747-5088 to set up a needs assessment, a review of finances, and make an action plan to start on a path from financial survival to financial thriving!
245 Katlian Street, Sitka AK 99835    (907) 747-5088