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Housing Summit Collaboration

BIHA staff and board members recently participated in the Sitka Housing Summit, a collaboration between STA, BIHA, and CBS on affordable housing. The two-day summit convened federal, state, and private housing funders, local subsidized and supportive housing providers, banks, construction companies, and local employers to develop a list of ideas to increase the supply of housing affordable to Sitka residents. Initial priorities identified by participants included: 

  • Develop options to create new housing at higher densities to reduce cost
  • Develop incentives for creation and retention of year-round housing for Sitka residents
  • Develop strategies to prevent displacement of mobile homes
  • Create a “pocket neighborhood” of tiny homes with a communal building and space for child care center
  • Work with state and federal partners to create a wet climate housing research center
  • Investigate options for expanding BIHA capacity and services
  • Identify local housing champions and create a local housing network to advance
  • These and other ideas to increase housing supply and affordability
The Sitka Housing Summit was followed up by a Community Housing Meeting where community members were invited to hear the most recent information on housing availability and affordability, and provide feedback on the priority areas identified at the summit.