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Home Buyer Education Class Coming Soon

Baranof Island Housing Authority (BIHA) launches a comprehensive homebuyer education class. Pathways Home: a nationally recognized curriculum for Native homeownership will cover this core curriculum, for first-time homebuyers: 

  1. Assessing Readiness to Buy a Home
  2. Mortgage-Based Homeownership
  3. Affordability & Budgeting
  4. Understanding Credit
  5. Finding a home
  6. The Loan Application Process
  7. Protecting Your Assets
  8. Maintaining a Home and Finances

Participants of the Homebuyer Education Class will need to (fully) complete and sign an intake form, and provide required supporting documents. After reviewing the applicants, approved participants will attend an orientation, following that workshops will be conducted based on the family need. BIHA has adopted the following approaches, a Fast-Track class will target families with fairly minor obstacles than can be resolved within several months, or an Extended-Track class aimed at families facing obstacles to homeownership. These classes will be conducted in a one-on-one counseling session (in person or via Zoom) or in a classroom session (in person or via Zoom). 
Full rollout is expected to take place within the next six months.