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New Program Offered At BIHA

BIHA has expanded its services to its tribal citizens and tenants by implementing the Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency Program. The goal of the program is to support participants as they make a journey toward self-sufficiency. Participants of the BOSS program will receive in-house financial literacy and educational support as they assess, develop, and set their personal goals. In addition, BIHA will connect participants to resources that provide employment enhancement services and many other resources. 

The BOSS Program

The BOSS program is designed to last for three years, but participants can complete the individual training and services plan and graduate from the program sooner.  

The overall goal of the BOSS program is to enable participants to:

  • Make progress toward economic independence & housing self-sufficiency;
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for public assistance;
  • And to increase income.

Participants advance through the BOSS program when they complete the following:

  • Needs Assessment 
  • Selection of Goals
  • Individual training and Service Plan
  • Graduation

The benefits of enrollment in the BOSS program are incentives, support, resource connections, coaching, skill-building, and a future savings match program. The plan is to provide wrap-around services and assistance to help participants to explore, assess, develop, set, and meet their personal goals. 

Would you like to get started? Contact Joy Klushkan at 907-747-5088 or through our CONTACT form for more information. Enrollment is limited, so interested parties may be put on a waiting list.